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Our Mission

The mission of the Marine Biology Graduate Program is to continually broaden our understanding and appreciation of marine organisms and their interrelationships with their biotic and physical environments. We strive to achieve this mission by providing our students with the right combination of tools, training and research opportunities.

The program is dedicated to preparing our students for successful, productive postgraduate and professional careers. We also encourage lifelong learning and scientific research, academic and pedagogical advancement, and involvement in the community.

"Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience."

Paulo Coehlo

Program Objectives

  • Produce technically trained scientists who are experts
  • Address the growing need for trained managers and policy makers
  • Contribute science-based knowledge to managing marine resources

Student Learning Objectives (SLO)

Students participating in the program are expected to achieve the following upon graduation:


A working, in-depth understanding of marine biological systems and processes in both offshore and near shore environments, with an emphasis on the important linkages between these habitats.

Research Skills

Demonstrated expertise in quantitative and qualitative methods for field and laboratory research with the ability to develop a comprehensive research plan.

Professional Advancement

Advanced competency in publishing, disseminating and communicating research findings in professional, public and practical application and in grant writing.

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