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  • Kaho Tisthammer, PhD Graduate
  • Mackenzie Gerringer, PhD Graduate (L to R: Brian Popp, Anna Neuheimer, Craig Smith, Mackenzie Gerringer, Jeff Drazen, Allen Andrews)
  • Shreya Yadav (PhD, 2016 cohort). Bokaifushi, Maldives

Upcoming Events & Seminars

Hanauma Bay Educational Lecture Series

Allen Andrews, NOAA

Bombs and Blue Marlin

Waikiki Aquarium Classroom Talk

Les Watling, Professor, UHM

Finding Boundaries in the Sea: Alaska, Hawaii, and the Emperor Seamount Chain

More Information
Dept of ATMO Seminar

Giuseppe Torri, Research Associate, Dept of Earth & Planetary Sciences, Harvard University

A Lagrangian view on precipitating convection

2017 SOEST Open House

The SOEST Open House presents a diverse array of entertaining and educational hands-on activities and demonstrations, which highlight the research conducted by our faculty, students, and staff. Visit the SOEST Open House website for more information about exhibits that will be offered!

2017 SOEST Open House Website

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