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PhD Students

This page and the academic progress flow chart may not apply to all MBIO students.
Current students are asked to refere to co-hort relevant resources on the MBIO intranet.

Academic Progress Flow Chart
  • Year 1


    - Interim Committee Meeting

    - MBIO 603*

  • Year 1


    - Begin Forming Committee

    - MBIO 604*
  • Year 2


    - Annual Progress Report due Sept. 1

    - Finalize 5-member PhD Committee and submit roster to MBGP

    - Write Proposal

  • Year 2


    - Hold Committee Meeting and submit report to MBGP

    - Continue to write/revise proposal

  • Year 3


    - Submit Annual Progress Report by Sept. 1

    - By end of this semester, set date for your Comprehensive Exam (must be taken before end of 6th semester, i.e., spring)

    - Committee Meeting: Usually to discuss dissertation proposal

    - Make a public presentation sometime this academic year

  • Year 3


    - Take and Pass Comp Exam

    - Proposal Approved by Committee

    - File Form 2 - Advance to Candidacy

  • Year 4


    - Submit Annual Progress Report by Sept. 1 to MBGP and committee

    - Enroll in MBIO 800

    - Hold Committee Meeting and report results to MBGP

    - Write Dissertation

    - Make a public presentation of your research this academic year

  • Year 5


    - Enroll in MBIO 800

    - File an Application for Degree with Graduate Division

    - Submit Annual Progress Report by Sept. 1 to MBGP and committee

    - Make a public presentation sometime this academic year

    - Committee Meeting

    - Set the date of your defense in collaboration with committee and MBGP (must be announced on the University calendar)

    - Defend your dissertation through public presentation announced to all MBGP faculty and students

    - File Form 3 - Dissertation Evaluation

    - Finalize Dissertation

    - File Form 4 - Dissertation Submission

    - Upload dissertation

    - Submit Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED) certificate

    - Complete MBGPʻs Exit Survey (and optional exit interview)

    - Graduate!

Program Requirements

These are required of all PhD students who are admitted into the Program.

Important Deadlines

PhD students should adhere to these dates & deadlines to ensure successful progress.

Annual Requirements

All students must meet the following requirements each year.

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